Goods in Eviron's Shop


As it was announced before, today in honour of the event “Golden Marathon” new goods will appear in the Store. None of the Eviron’s heroes won’t be able to ignore unique boxes, in which there are rainbow coins that appeal to the ear by their delightful ringing. Fancy men and flirts will be pleased by new avatars and card shirts for sure.

Moreover, the World’s inhabitants have a fantastic opportunity to save money: a lot of familiar items will reduce their cost during “Golden Marathon” days.

Hurry up! At night from November 21 to 22 the magic of this event will disappear and Store’s work will be back on track.

Golden Marathon

Dear friends,

This week you have a nice opportunity to enrich greatly the wallet with coins by taking part in a new event – “Golden Marathon”. You don’t need to make an inhuman effort, just participate in battles, win them and gold will flow like water to your hands. Starting from today and until Sunday’s evening the winners of the battles will get additional rewards:

In Duel 30 golden coins per every 3 victory, but no more than 360 a day.

In Rank Battle 40 golden coins per every 3 victory, but no more than 400 a day.

On the Arena 50 golden coins per every 3 victory, but no more than 500 a day.

Take your time, don’t waste all wages immediately. At the end of the event in Eviron’s Store there will appear new unique event-related items that will be very useful for all heroes of the World. Also usual assortment will become considerably cheaper during this period. You’ll be able to buy those goods, you’ve dreamed of, but empty wallet didn’t allow.

Good luck in Golden Marathon, Eviron’s heroes!


Tomorrow, October 18, 2016 at 01:00 there will be done a restart of the server software. After technical works the following errors will leave the world of Eviron:

- The creature could not evolve in his first turn under the effect of "Haste".

- The creature with the effect "Ferocity" could evolve between the first and the second blow.

- The creature could not evolve, when the amount of player’s remaining energy coincided with the cost, which he had to pay for the improvement.

- The spells that summon creatures on the battlefield were played despite the lack of the space on the table.

- In the section "Decks" the cards added to the current deck do not appear without refreshing of the screen.

To view patches, which came into force, correctly, please, clear your browser cache.

Protection of young Heroes

Friends, tommorow  the system of protection of young conquerors of the Eviron from their more experienced opponenets. Since now in “Duel” mode will operate the following law: all heroes that have less than 20 victories won’t be able to enter the battle with more experienced ones. This rule won’t apply in “Arena” and “Rank battle” fights.

We hope, this modification will be for the good of everybody and will give enough time to the new conquerors of the Eviron to get acquainted to the world and gain experience.

Let’s say “Yes” to communication!

Today at the official website of “Eviron’s Chronicles” opens a forum where each player (no matter in which social network he plays) can chat with other participants of the project, discuss the news and find useful information.
Great number of sections, friendly atmosphere and advertence to every word wait for you. We hope that this platform won’t become a source of negative impressions, improper communication and quarrels between players.
The Forum was launched in test mode for authorized players. If you find any bugs, inconveniences or failures, please, inform us immediately. Thank you in advance for your help in making the world of Eviron better and more

War with bugs

Dear friends,

Today we’ve made a small patch with fixes of many bugs and errors.

So, here is the list of corrections:

- Creatures with «Ally» ability don’t lose it after returning to the hand;

- Creature with “Magic Veil” and “Piercing” interfere correctly now;

- The spell “Summoning Charm” has no problems now when you have 8 cards in the hand;

- The spell “Dissolution” removes all traps without mistakes;

- Additional damage of “Electric cramp-fish” now works correctly;

- You can’t now play any card when the target of creature’s ability is active. For example: Nimble Mangoby.

- The problem that some creatures could use their targeted abilities on creatures with “Magic Resistance” is no valid now;

- The trap “Cascade of waves” doesn’t responds on tries to use unplayable card;

- The animation of first evolution of “Deep-water kraken” works correctly now, and game has now lags in this case. 

Knowledge is power!


We’ve noticed that new players have some problems with study of lobby's interface, and its numerous items. Today the “Training Mode” is enlarged with brief interactive tour over the most important items.

New players will get it as soon as they finish their first battle, and experienced heroes can access it by starting the “Training Mode”. Interactive tour is divided on 3 parts; each of them gives you small but precious reward – experience points and gold coins. But you can get it only once, all other tries will remind you forgotten knowledge without any awards.

This interactive tour is only test version. So we ask all players inform us about all bugs and mistakes in it.

We hope that this novation will make you life in Eviron more pleasant and easy! 

First day of Autumn!

Dear friends,
Congratulations on the beginning of autumn and day of knowledge! It does not matter what the weather will be standing outside in future cooler months – in the world Eviron comes the busy season. Unfortunately, all schools of Meridis are already crowded by students and there is no place for the true heroes in them, but do not worry. We will open to you the most desired and useful knowledge today.
So, it’s time to lift the veil of secrecy over the upcoming events.
We know that not all the players love serious tactical battles against seasoned opponents. Therefore, we plan to develop and launch new interesting game mode in which you will be able to learn more about the world, get lot of fun and nice rewards.
New season of rating battles
We’ve already mentioned this coming event. Current values of ranks will be reseted, and will start a race to the top. Winners will get really useful and precious prizes.
Europe in game
Players from Europe soon become the good dwellers of Eviron. So do not be surprised and become friends.
Mobile version 
Work in this direction is actively underway, and we hope that this year your Smartphone will sounds with a familiar tune from Lobby, and card battles will be even more accessible.
All these features will become a reality in the nearest future. So Eviron residents simply do not have time to get bored and sad on rainy days.

Descriptions of actions

Today we made some changes in Eviron:

-          Descriptions of all actions of creatures, spells and traps are changed to make them more organized. The game mechanics of cards work as usual. All changes were made only in text descriptions.

-          A new ability “Heritage” is created. We had several creature cards with action “In case of death”. So we decided to organize them like we’ve made it with “Loud cry” before. We hope that it’ll be easy for you to get used to new ability.


Attention: We ask you to clear your browser cache to remove old card pictures. Thanks! 


Journey for knowledge

Dear friends,
We continue our hard work on filling of the site. The section "Guide" hospitably opens its doors for you today. It keeps a variety of benefits on the game, the answers to many questions and a lot of useful information.
We hope that you will appreciate this section, and it will be useful not only for beginners, but also for more experienced heroes of Eviron.