Chronicles of Niarum – The Upper world of Eviron

Deposits of knowledge are hidden in the haze of the distant past, they tell us about the formation of the Upper World. Few are able to see the past clearly; their dreams are sketchy and contradictory. Nevertheless, philosophers and historians agree that this story begun with the descent of the great dark spirit Karrudas, the creator and ruler of the Underworld. For Shiotts, poor creatures of his evil will, the disappearance of the creator was a real test of mind and spirit, the chance to change their lives. But most of them were too ossified in their habits to be eager for changes. But some of them embarked on the path of spiritual development.

Exodus of Shiotts

The history of Zarva, a shiott who discovered the inner great power of light, began on the day of the Karrudas descent. That day he fell into a pit that was dug by hunters from his tribe. Having miraculously avoided deadly stakes at the bottom, shiott tried to escape, but could not. Days alternated days, Zarva hadn’t left the trap and spent his time in thoughts about his absurd fate. Evaluating his life and deeds, he came to the conclusion that the time of walks in the darkness was over.  The sprout of unusual and hitherto untried feelings put down its roots to the soul of shiott.

One day hunters came to their trap. They were surprised to see a fellow shiott in it. They immediately began a dispute:  to eat Zarva or let him go. Wild moral of fellows didn’t bother the enlightened shiott. He humbly expected their decisions, talking about his spiritual pursuits. Zarva led narrative so enthusiastically that did not even notice that the dispute had subsided and fellows sat on the edge of the pit, listening to his words attentively.

The hunters understood from his speech only few. But his words had sawn the grains of mind to the souls of listeners. Some believed Zarva recklessly, while others cursed him last words, and threatened him with bad death. All the contradictions shiotts always solved by force, so bloody fight ensued. Legend says that it was the penultimate battle in which Zarva had participated.

Very soon a circle of his followers had grown. With great joy he shared knowledge and own inner light with everyone who was in need. So there was a whole fraternity of shiotts, which is well-known as the "Awakened". Plunging into the depths of the soul, they opened new horizons of development and explored the magic of light. Their intolerance to vices and simple weaknesses grew day by day. However, they didn’t have enough forces to change the Underworld, created by Karrudas.

The Awakened had no will to be tolerant to imperfection and dirt of the world. Then Zarva encouraged them to unite forces and to direct streams of light power upwards. That’s how was created the Upper World – Niarum.  So the children of light, awakened in the impenetrable darkness, found their home, the cradle of Cleanliness and Order.

The war of Niars and Shiotts

To forget about the past, the dirt and darkness of the Underworld, Awakened forgot all the names. So shiotts became Niars, the sons of light. Zarva, their spiritual leader, took the name Santalian that meant « guide». In the cloister of light the life of Awakened proceeded very steadily. Evolution and creation became the main part of their lives. Day by day the young world transformed and prospered gladly responding to the sensitive and caring magic of Niars.

The heart of Santalian was full of pride and warmth. But the idea that everything was the result of a collaborative effort brought him even greater joy. No matter how hard Niars tried to forget about the past, they still could not get rid of it. Nobody can close the door forever - it can still be opened at once. And so it happened. Time after time, the aggressive and unscrupulous shiotts began to penetrate to the Upper world. Rage and bloodlust burned in their eyes. Thus began the Great War that changed lives of both worlds.

For a long time the advantage was on the side of warriors from the Underworld. Niars knew only the creative force of Life Magic and suffered cruel defeats, losing friends. The only thing that prevented a landslide victory of shiotts was a violent resistance of the new-born world that was opposed to the dirt that shiotts brought with them. In severe and protracted battles hundreds, thousands of creatures were killed, their vigorous blood poured defiling all things.

Santalian was horrified by this picture. He saw that the new wonderful world, the home of Niars, was taking the guise of terror and decay, which they had left in Grimthrone. He gathered all his followers and told them:

"Brothers, we can’t carry the endless war. The world groans from each drop of blood, from each death. We can’t reason with Shiotts! Everyone who could hear the voice of reason has already left Grimthrone with us. There is only a one way: we were able to create a world for ourselves once, and thus we’re able to do it again. I think it’s important to create a barrier against the vile creatures. But that's not all. We are yet to find a treatment for the wounds that our home has received in this war. To do this, I have traced the Code, which describes the basic rules that will help us, but remember."

At this very moment the arrow of scouting shiott sung in the air a deadly short song and interrupted Santalian’s speech. Niars didn't know yet that the most important things they hadn’t heard, so they began to implement his words.

They’ve spent а lot of time and efforts to incarnate the new world. Niars didn’t have a talent to see clearly the essence of things like their leader did and that’s why they’ve made a lot of mistakes. However, the median world Meridis was born. Although it hasn’t become the embodiment of all the hopes as it was not similar to the Upper World, Meridis had lot of advantages and served to the main goal. The new world stopped the raids of shiotts.

The Ice Citadel

Having stopped the invasion, Niars decided to restore Niarum. But first they had to say their last words to Santalian and appoint a new leader. Full of sorrow and grief they could not part with a leader who had awakened them in the darkness of night. In his honor they built the ice palace, where his body was preserved in the ice sarcophagus. Every niar in the world could come and bow down to the great leader at any time.

After a magnificent funeral feast Niars had chosen the most wise and worthy person among them to direct all acts for the good of the race. His name was Kelgian. The Code of Santalian become not just the hand of help in restoration of Niarum, but the first and the most stringent law. So, one arrow stroke not only one niar but all life beings of the Upper World.

For years of obedience and observance Niars lost feelings and emotions, ceased to see the shades and nuances in desire to meet the Code. For them the Universe became divided into a vicious dirty darkness and pure cold light. Having lost the possibility to feel others' pain and joy, servants of Light could not find justification in their souls for any act that seemed to be a violation of the law to them.

This is the story of creation and first days of Niarum - the Upper World, dazzlingly beautiful and cold homeland of Niars. These are the pain and joy of a newborn world. But time changes everything, like flowing water. The main thing is to see. The main thing is to understand.