Chronicles of Meridis – The median world of Eviron


Meridis was created by Niars to protect their Ice Citadel from attacks of vicious and unprincipled creatures of the Underworld and it became the very golden mean, the cradle of life and existence. Though, it was also a shield to pacify the waves of invaders and murderers. The history of the Middle World describes many chronicles of the ups and downs, great miracles and celebration of life. The world had neither the power of darkness like Grimthrone had, nor the light force of Niarum but , nevertheless, it was able to find its destiny - to cherish quiet and peace of all Eviron’s inhabitants as the apple of the eye. But it was not always so…

The Age of feebleness

Niars created a perfect new world. Spells that breathed force to Meridis were directed not by a single will. That could not but affected the creative energy flow. However, its imperfectness became the unique beauty that is still troubling the minds and souls of all poets in Eviron.

Green forest caps propped clouds lazily floating in the clear blue sky. Huge water faces of ocean mirrored the radiant light of the sun, creating a unique game of glares on their surfaces. The majestic gray rocks were filled with blue cheerfully babbling streams and rivers.  At night, under the light of the two moons, mysterious world of magical beauty breathed the secret of the universe. The only thing that marred the natural beauty of Meridis: two portals – an ugly scar carrying the grief and trouble.

Such a wonderful creation couldn’t be deserted for a long time. The seas and oceans of the world had filled with fish and other underwater creatures. Soon the sky, forests, plains, and mountains filled with a variety of cries of animals, birds and insects. People were the last who came to Meridis. Their mind truly was a major miracle, which had ever seen the Niars. People with their feelings, emotions and passions became the very last drop that melted the hearts of the envoys of the Ice Citadel. That was the time to take another look at the Mid-World.

Right Hand of Niarum

Up to this point, Niars sadly looked at the offsprings of their spells, because there was no one to direct their efforts without Santalian. They tried to create a semblance of Niarum, but they didn’t understand that Meridis was not a failure but a great victory for them. Bearing in mind Grimthrone and shiotts, the residents of Ice Citadel decided not to destroy their creation, though it disappointed them greatly. Only with the advent of people Meridis blossomed at once, which could not soften the adamant hearts of Niars.

Until that moment, they did not intervene in the life of the new world, allowing hordes of Underworld unpunishedly destroy everything in their path. Niars weren’t ready for a new war, and hoped that the distance between the two portals would be an insurmountable obstacle to the enemies and Ice Citadel. The emergence of intelligent inhabitants of Meridis had become a serious challenge to luminous Niars. They could not allow shiotts to destroy the barely born life that was not ready to resist.

They carefully followed the way of shiotts hordes that gradually devastated the lands of the Middle world getting closer with each day to the habitat of almost defenseless sentient beings. The only thing that could be done to protect the innocents was to close the portal and deprive them of power. A lot of energy went into the creation of Prisms of Light, the powerful artifacts that blocked portals and sealed the passages between the worlds forever. This decision was hardly given to the residents of Niarum. Their impassive blue eyes were filled with tears, but the understanding of the necessity of such a step and a belief in justice left them no choice. With hope and love, they said goodbye to Meridis and returned to their kingdom of light.

The way of mankind

Prisms of light have enabled regardless, original development of the human race. Without wise teachers Niars and powerful enemies Shiotts they used to rule their own destiny, crowning it with the unbending will. Since people were neither Darkness nor Light servants, Meridis became extraordinarily versatile. There was a place for the nobility and the lowland, friendship and enmity, the holy truth and dirty lies in it. The periods of treacherous betrayals and wars alternated with times of strong unions and peaceful development of the arts.

People settled on the whole territory of the two continents separated by vast seas: Santos and Medeyra. Tribes gradually united in mighty empires, the strongholds of their lands. In the vast stretches of Santos lived the Sun Empire and Medeyra became the home of the Moon Kingdom. Both states were roughly equal in military power. The understanding of this fact was the key to a lasting and sustainable balance.

However, it wasn’t a genuine friendship actually: there were lots of constant border disputes in the sea, shopping intrigue and espionage passions. The troops of both continents were in constant readiness to fights, spending a lot of time in trainings. The spirit of war was already in the air. Soldiers and civilians breathed it and commanders dreamed about battles. But every day the rulers chose a bad peace, trade and cooperation for the benefit of the people, preferring it to the path of ruinous and sizzling war …