Chronicles of Grimthrone – The Underworld of Eviron


There are many stories and legends about Karrudas in the World. He was a mighty dark spirit and who created reasonable Shiotts.  That was the birth of the Grimthrone, the early beginning of Eviron. All legends contain a grain of truth and lift the veil of mystery about original days of the World. There were a lot of hot debates about the possibility of its creation by means of ill will and dark forces. So many mantles and glasses were broken in these disputations by scientists and philosophers.  But all agree that precisely this page of Eviron’s Chronicle was the first one.

Creation of Grimthrone

Karrudas slid in the silence of the universe, in the infinity of time and space full of force and power. The deathful boredom mercilessly tormented thoughts of the spirit, without weakening his grip even for a moment. It was the cause of subsequent events. No one knows what was the cause of such a mad idea of Karrudas, even he could not explain why he needed to create the world. Perhaps it was a kind of joke or a panacea to overcome boredom. Now it has no matter for us.

Karrudas took concentrated darkness and made it tangible. By mixing the essence of the universe with the essence of the time he had finished the job by careless smear. The weak rays of dark crimson light barely illuminated the earth of resin colors. The Spirit hated the light, but without at least a small bit of it his world simply could not exist. With the fervour of an artist Karrudas had scattered the seeds of life, and began to watch his handiwork with interest.

The sprouts of life barely grew up. It was hard to adjust to the conditions of such a harsh and desolate place. In order to survive they took the most bizarre shapes that pleased the eyes of Karrudas. To his mind the struggle for life was the most interesting part of every world in the Universe. 

Meanwhile, various creatures gradually began to explore the world. Their fierce desire to survive amused the dark Spirit. Their indomitable thirst to prolong the existence inspired Karrudas to new experiments. He devoted a lot of time to creating and training of shiotts whose mind could become a new drug to heal his boredom. But what does time means for the immortal? It’s considered that the world gained the name Grimthrone in this period. 

Age of Shiotts

The mode of shiotts’ life was unsophisticated. Half-civilized tribes of beings hardly mastered the production of primitive tools for mining of provisions. Though they often died from animals’ teeth and claws, Karrudas was pleased with his wards. Like other inhabitants of the Underworld Shiotts showed an incredible will to live and procreate. Even imposed religion with its mandatory sacrifices to the dark spirit was not perceived by them as a burdensome duty. It seemed that in general there was no such thing that would seriously burden their minds.

Time seemed to stood still. For several centuries life of Shiotts was an endless series of hunts, bloody feasts and ridiculous deaths. All that amused Karrudas at first, but then began to waft an immense boredom. It took very little time to understand the reason: a favorite toy, a world created for fun began to bore with its monotony. And that meant that he needed to add something new and interesting to it. Unfortunately, the Spirit did not know what exactly could please him, and that’s why he made a lot of fatal mistakes. He gave soul, feelings and emotions to shiotts, sharp mind to animals and birds, made all environments more dangerous. Karrudas again plunged into contemplation, but he didn’t know yet what would happen to his idea in future.

The understanding came to him later, when he almost lost his dark essence because of the rapid loss of strength. Even the creation of Grimthrone didn’t take so much energy. And the most unpleasant for the Dark Spirit was the understanding that the emergence of every new creature irrevocably took away a small but important part of his nature.

So centuries of struggle for existence again pulled in the Underworld. Shiotts adapted to the new conditions of life - for the sake of survival they united into tribes. As before, they prayed to Karrudas, and did bloody sacrifices. Perhaps they were the only who supported the last drops of forces of the Dark Spirit who fell into the trap of his own creation.

The descent of Karrudas

The creation of tribes and joint life helped shiotts to make settlements and to develop certain types of crafts. You can still find wooden and stone artifacts of the ancient masters: they surprise astonish us with their simple brutal beauty. But the worst thing for a creator of Grimthrone was that his wards died much less than ever before and bred in cozy environment very quickly.

So one day the priests of Shiotts felt echoing emptiness in their hearts during another prayer. Frightened by this, they decided to offer a triple sacrifice to the dark Spirit, in case he is angry for some reason. But even after it Karrudas did not respond to the pleas of his creatures. Lost and astonished, they roamed the woods, tormented by doubts. That was the day when the story of Shiotts-laterals ended and another one began. The story which tells us about the genesis of Niars, the Great War and a new beautiful world called Niarum.