The story of Artox, the General of Fire Element.

The touching and melancholy story about Artox is well known. Any minstrel of Eviron can sing it even in a sleep. Virgins and young men pale, when they heard it, and asked the Gods to save them from such a fate. So, he was young and lovely, the heart of many beauties fell at his feet, but Artox was steady. In search of true love, he traveled so far, until met a charming maiden, whose voice was like a nightingale warbling. But her father was a cruel tyrant and despot. He thought that this young man was unworthy the hand and the heart of his daughter.

He made a lot of dirty tricks to separate the couple in love. But all his efforts repeatedly failed. Then, being in a rage he ordered his soldiers to seize Artox, disfigure him and drive out of town. The following night the tyrant found that his daughter ran away from the palace. In search of the fugitive, he found his daughter in the nearest oasis in the arms of a young man recently disfigured by soldiers. Rage and anger seized him again, and he gave the fateful order to burn the boy alive.

Tied to a post Artox looked only at his beloved, as long as the flames and acrid smoke from the firewood had not stiffened his eyes. The Tyrant rejoiced, he managed to punish the audacious youngster. The only thing troubled his turbid mind: this wicked puppy did not utter even a cry or word.

The satrap admired his victory and enjoyed charred flesh and bones. Only the heart of brutally slained Artox was burning with bright unquenchable flame, which was impossible to appease. Frightened and surprised father took his daughter to a palace and locked in her room.

Nobody knows how the ifrits heard about this unprecedented miracle. Perhaps they do it all rigged. Fire spirits took Artox’s heart to their monastery, filled it with vitality and revived him as equal. Not a man, but the Ifreet. It seemed they made him to be faithful servant of Fire army. And so it happened.

Imprisoned in the fiery envelope of the new flesh, heart of the Artox resisted such an existence and began to fade. For a long time he could not cope with this disaster, but his power grew with each new day. He explores the world with a new, hitherto unknown to him eagerness. The newborn ifreet understood that Fire can't help him. Only the Air element can revive the dying fire. Having found a remedy solution in the air magic, the young ifreet didn’t stop and mastered the force of unknown element till the lightest breath of wind.

With all his strength and wisdom, he could not stop thinking about the evil Satrap and his daughter, which undoubtedly was waiting for him. But in the city evil tidings waited for him. The soul of his beloved could not stand such abuse, and the maiden threw herself from the balcony of the palace. Even after her death the Tyrant didn’t stop his deeds and Artox killed him.

He looked at the skull of cruel enemy, in his empty sockets. His tears dropped at the coffin of his beloved and the soul of young ifreet was paralyzed by icy cold. In desperation, he turned to the darkest spells, which are subjects to a death only. But even they did not help to bring back the soul of a sweet maiden and worst enemy.

That's the story of how a kind and funny young man became callous and prudent commander of the Fire element’s army, which is now wreaking death and destruction in its path.