Information for new players

"Eviron's Chronicles" is a collectible card game, all main action of it take place on the battle table. But we want you show all possibilites you have in Eviron.

The Lobby

Once registered, the player goes to the Lobby. It has many options for you:
Your portrait.
Here you can see your avatar, rank and level progress. 
Also you can find out the information about gold and mystic coins in your purse.
Here is the information about actual quests and their progress.
The information about the closest achievements and entrance to “All Achievements” menu.
Battle modes
Here you can choose the most interesting and useful mode of battle. 
Here you can open your card sets, go to Eviron’s store, use in-game post office, change settings and do other useful things.
Your Decks.
This is the most important section of the Lobby. Here you can look at your cards, manage decks and prepare them to the next battle
Your Generals
The information about your Generals and their level progress is situated here. If you want to change talents or abilities of your General – this section will be very useful. 
Here you can create chat-rooms with your friends

Preparation of the deck and selection of game modes

There is a set of initial cards (creatures and spells). You can use them to create your own battle deck. Go to the "Your Decks" menu and look at them. To start editing a deck you need to choose a general.

All cards with creatures have symbols that represent their parameters:

Without defense creature leaves the battlefield


The damage that creature can deal per each turn

The number of energy crystals you need to play a card

Each card belongs to one of the Elements or represents the mercenaries.


Abilities of cards

Some creatures have certain abilities and can influence the course of the battle. Abilities are always displayed in a special window below the image on the card:

Loud cry 

The creature makes actions written on the card entering the battlefield. For example: “Loud cry: stuns random hostile creature for 1 turn” means that when your creature enters the battlefield, one of the opponent’s creatures will be stunned and lost its attack.

Magic Veil

A magic shield defends your creature from the first strike of the enemy or battle spell. It’s no matter how strong it is - all damage will be absorbed. Magic Veil is perfect defense from “Execution” ability, but can’t help your creature when opponent uses one of the elimination spells.


Creature with this ability enters the battlefield and is ready to defend you immediately. It can’t attack hostile targets basically. But if you want to attack with this creature you can switch off the instigator mode by clicking on “Teeth” in the upper side of your creature.

Magic resistance

Magic resistance defends your creature from target spells and some creature abilities. Be very careful to use it, because it resists not only hostile magic but also your own one. Magic resistance can’t help your creature in the case of mass damage or elimination spells.

Life drain

The creature with this ability takes hostile target's life and adds it to himself. It’s no matter how many life points the enemy has – your creature will get life points equal to its attack ratio.


This ability helps you to use damage wisely and don’t waste it in vain. The damage that exceeds the defense ratio of the hostile target goes to your opponent. It’s also useful due to one interesting feature – some traps don’t react on such method of damaging.


The creature with this ability can attack immediately when entering the battlefield. If you want you can even switch on the instigator mode for this creature, because it doesn't have “sleeping penalty”. The Haste from spells doesn’t give a second chance to attack in one turn.


The touch of the creature with this ability is deadly. It’s no matter how many life points hostile creature has – it will be dead by a single blow. The only reliable defense from Execution is Magic Veil.


Your creature gains a unique ability to ignore hostile instigators. It can easily pass through them and deal damage to the opponent. It’s very useful to have such an ace in the hole to reap the last life points of your foe when he has a lot of instigators on the battlefield.


Due to this ability your creature can attack twice in one turn. You must know that it works only with attack. The creature can’t attack once and switch on the instigator mode after that.


Your prudent creature enters the battlefield like an instigator. It can defend you immediately. Prudence allows your warrior to attack hostile targets in the instigator mode. Suchwise it keeps defensive properties even when attacking.


When more powerful creature enters the battlefield Ally gains 1 point to attack and defense. You can repeat this over and over again. It’s no matter what is bigger the defense or attack of a newcoming creature – Ally will gain its strengthening.

When the creature leaves the table it makes actions that are written on the card. For example: “Heritage: Return to owners hand” means that when your creature will be killed, it’ll be returned to your hand instead of going to Grave.

Cards with spells also have a special symbol with cost. The actions of all spells are described in a special window below the image on the card.

In “Your Decks” menu you can see all active cards for a current General. For your convenience, we’ve made built-in filter to sort your cards by elements, cost and type.

To add a card to the deck, you need to click on it. The Counter under each card shows you the number of available copies of this card. Please note that in one deck can be only two identical cards of creatures or spells. Despite this, the game decks are very diverse, because each general has power over three elements.


The deck is ready? Now you can try to fight with other players or NPC! Return to the Lobby and choose one of the battle modes. Attention: some modes demand current level progress. Read information about the mode before starting it. 


Battle Table


Your Avatar
Health bar
When your health will be 0 – you’ll lose.
Energy bar
You need energy to play any creature or spell. Each turn one energy crystal will be added to your energy bar
Your card deck
Your card store in this battle. During each turn  1 card will be added to your hand. If you want to know the exact number of cards in your deck – just click it. 
Your hand
All the cards that you can play just now. .
Your General
The General is your main assistant in the battle. He has special ability and unique talent:

Burning arrows – deals 2 damage to the opponent. Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Wrath of nature – gives 3 additoinal Attack points to the friendly target. Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Dark power– summons the Bone Spider. Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Ice Breath – stuns target hostile creature for 1 turn. Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Storm Flare – deals 1 damage to any target, even friendly. Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Hand of salvation – Restores 2 Life or Defense to the target . Cost – 2 energy crystals

Enter the battlefield costs 5 energy crystals. Each death of General raises the cost of this skill by 1 energy crystal.

Your creatures in battle
They are already in the fight. Just help them to survive and win.
«End Turn» button
The time of your turn is limited. But if you’ve made all actions quickly you can click it and pass the turn to the opponent.
White Flag
This is the symbol of defeat. If you see that there is no chance to win in this battle it will be useful. 

Battle Log

All latests actions you can find and remember here. 


Turns and actions.

 At the beginning of each battle you’ll get 5 random cards from your deck. Each turn you’ll draw one card from your deck and can use it immediately.

In the first turn the player receives 1 energy crystal and can spend it to use a spell or to call a creature to the battlefield. With each new turn the amount of your energy crystals will be increased by 1.

The creatures can’t attack or do any actions immediately. They have one turn freeze time. The only exception to this rule are the creatures with Haste ability.


Absolutely all the creatures in the game have an ability of becoming the instigators.  You can activate the instigator mode by pressing on teeth in the upper part of the creature. The Instigator cannot do damage to enemy creatures or to the opponent, but while he is alive, hostile creatures can’t attack you or another your creature. 

 If the creature is ready to attack it will be highlighted with golden shine. When you click on the creature all his legal moves also will be highlighted with the green shine.

We think that you’re ready for your first battle. 

Welcome to the Eviron!