How to build and save a deck?

To change cards in your deck or collect a new one you need to shift to the menu "deck" from your Lobby. The arrows "right" and "left" on both sides of the inscription are a fast switching between your already collected decks. The shift to edit mode is activated by clicking on a deck of cards.

You will get into the collection of decks menu. On the left you will see all available Generals. Each General has its own deck. In order to change, delete or recollect the deck choose one of the Generals. Click the picture with his portrait. Under his image you will see a drop-dawn menu, where you will be able to see all the cards that are in this deck now. To delete the deck, click the cross near the card’s name.
Be careful! If in this deck there are two copies of the chosen card, you are ought to double click. After this select the cards from which you want to build a deck in the menu on the right, where there are all your available cards of this particular General. Then, “click” them to add to your deck.
One deck can’t contain more than 2 identical cards. Besides, in your deck should be 30 cards. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fight!

After you’ve built the Deck press the button “Ready”. You will see an emerging window, in which there will be written that the deck is saved successfully.

Your deck is ready. Go back to the Lobby by pressing the red cross in the right corner and safely enter the battle!

Wish you successful fights!