«Eviron’s Chronicles" is a new Russian online browser collectible card game. In it you will find a huge world, full of fascinating events and chilling adventures. 

Giant universe consists of three different worlds: the arenas, where two ancient races shiotts and niars are fighting with each other for many ages. Ordinary people try to survive, balancing at the junction of the eternal enmity. In Eviron ancient elements give an amazing strength and wonderful capabilities to chosen heroes and bless them to the adventures.

Blind fury of shiotts left little space for peace and joy in Eviron. Pain and fear were the only companions of this magic universe for a long time, till the Niars were able to seal the passageways between the worlds with the help of powerful artifacts: Prisms of Light. Lots of years have passed since that time. The delicate balance between Light and Darkness was restored, but each new day was stretching in painful anticipation of an imminent battle.

Who knows, maybe in this tense moment your appearance here will mark a new chapter in the annals of the world? Perhaps it is you who will become a thereby savior. May be your brilliant mind will grant you the laurels of the greatest tactician. Or you’ll become autocratic dictator, whose purpose is to make a chaos, destruction and death everywhere? The choice is yours!

 At your disposal there are six unique commanders. Each General is a faithful servant of a current ancient element. Mighty tacticians and experienced strategists will not only lead your army and help in the difficult struggle, but also will teach you to control the ancient magic tricks. Over the years of their travels across the lands of Eviron Generals have mastered the secret knowledge and have comprehended the incredible strength. With their help you will be ready for each feat, even the most epic one. More than 200 unique cards with different warriors and spells will help you to overcome absolutely all obstacles on the way to desired victory!

The only condition required to plunge into the maelstrom of dizzy and fantastic events is connection to the Internet. There is no need to download any client or to buy a disc. Besides, you can do without Flash Player. So you will be able to enjoy the game from almost any vantage point with your favorite gadget. Mobile phone or tablet, PC or notebook - Eviron will always be at your fingertips!

The creators of the Game were inspired by the best samples of world known CCG to give you a real pleasure from the trip to this fascinating universe. Fans of classic collectible card games and just hunters for new experiences will find in Eviron‘s world something what they like. Great illustrations, original tasks, lots of daily quests and exciting game modes, monsters, heroes and the deadly struggle – this is Eviron. something new and exciting will always wait for you!