1. «Eviron’s Chronicles» – what is it?

The «Eviron’s Chronicles» is a new Russian online browser collectible card game.


2. Will I be able to play the "Eviron’s Chronicles" on a tablet or phone?

Yes. You just need to go to our website in a browser from your favorite device. You don’t need to install any client or Flash Player to enjoy the game.


3. Where can I learn more about how to play the "Eviron’s Chronicles"?

For all newcomers we have a detailed and simple tutorial.


4. How much should I pay to play the "Eviron’s Chronicles"?

The "Eviron’s Chronicles " has F2P (free-to-play) system. You can play it absolutely free. However, there is "Eviron’s Store" in the game, where you can buy additional sets of cards, unique card backs and new avatars for gold, mystic coins or for real money, with the help of online payment system Platbox.


5. What are gold and mystic coins?

  Gold Coins - the main currency of the Eviron’s world. With its help, you can buy everything you need for fierce battles and exciting adventures.  You can buy card sets, backs and unusual portraits, Arena Pass and more in a store.

 It’s very easy to gain gold coins in the world. They are the most popular reward in quests and achievements. Every level-up or General’s progress gives you some gold coins. At the worst when the purse is empty but you want to buy any new item, you can revise the Collection and sell some needless cards.

So, you can see that in Eviron there are a lot of methods to get gold coins. Which of them will be your most wanted? It’s up to you!


Mystic coins is a great precious treasure in Eviron’s world. These coins are highly appreciated by players. They are especially demanded for card evolution and General’s progress.

It’s not easy to get even one mystic coin. We’ll describe several methods to gain these precious items:

  1. Wins in Arena battles;
  2.  Rewards for Your and Generals’ Level-ups

But if you really want to accumulate enough mystic coins Arena is the straightest way to your dream. Step by step you’ll become the most popular and wealthy gladiator in Eviron. Your purse will be always full of mystic coins and gold.


6. Where can I address if I have problems with the game?

For all the gaming questions you can contact our Technical Support. You can use a special form in the game or you can handle on Support@eviron.ru;


7. Who are the Generals, and can i play with all of them?

Generals are the faithful servants of ancient elements and assistants for players. There are six available Generals of these elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Life and Death. You can learn more about each of them here.


8. What game modes are active in the game?

At the moment in the game are available the following PVP modes: "Duel", "Arena" and "Rank battle". Also you can play PVE modes: "Training" and "Tutorial".


 9. What are the features of these game modes?

"Duel" - here you have a common fight against another player;

"Arena" –  five battles in a raw with other players where you can gain valuable prizes;

"Rank Battle" –  a serious fight, with the chance to improve your game rating;

"Training" – a fight with a NPC;

"Tutorial" – a special battle with the NPC and tips for beginners.


10. What is the average duration of a battle?

Usually it ranges between 7 and15 minutes. However, the match may continue longer due to the tactical skills and abilities of the rivals.


11. What types of cards exist in the "Eviron’s Chronicles"?

In the game there are three types of cards: creatures, spells and traps. All of them refer to initial or trading cards.


12. What is the difference between the initial and trading card?

The initial cards are available to all players instantly from the start of the game. Collectible card can be simple, rare, unique and mythical. You can get them by opening the card sets.

Important! The game deck cannot have more than 2 identical cards.


13. How to build a play deck? Can I edit it?

The deck construction is a fairly easy process. More information about the collection and editing of the decks you can find in "Newbie tutorial".


14. How many decks can I have?

Totally, you can have six decks.

15. I‘ve just signed up and I need help. What to do?
In the "Eviron’s Chronicles” there is a detailed and comprehensible tutorial for beginners. You can look at it here.


16. How many cards are available in the game?

Currently in the game are available more than 200 game cards. Over time, their number will increase.


17. Can I share or sell the cards to other players?

No, there is no such possibility.


18. What is a "Card set" and how can I get it?

A set of cards consists of six random cards. At least one of them is guaranteed to be rare. You can buy it in the game store.


19. What differs the "Eviron’s Chronicles" from other collectible card games?

The main difference of our game is easiness of understanding and unpretentious requirements. Even people far removed from the CCG can quickly sort out the nuances and intricacies of the game process.


20. Will there be any new modes and cards?

In the future game content will be significantly expanded. Unfortunately, we cannot share any details about this now.


21. What age restriction has this game?

The "Eviron’s chronicles" has no age limits. However, there is an opportunity in the game to purchase for real money. So the recommended age is 12+.


22. How can I pay for the card sets?

You will be able to make purchases by credit cards or other methods through the online payment system Platbox.